About the Authors: “Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!”

Authors - Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!


Who are “Prof Mark” and Katie Whyte?

Mark and Katie Whyte are authors and teachers as well as being the parents of an autistic son.  Thus the interest in writing books on the topic of the great joys and possibilities of disabilities.

Married since 1985, they have 3 fun-loving (and crazy) young-adult children (all in their 20’s) and these authors know a bit about disability both personally and by career.

About Mark

Mark, a native from Kansas, has an interesting background in that he broke his neck (cervical 6-7) as a college wrestler at age 20.  He lived on crutches from 1977 until 2010 and has since moved to a manual wheelchair.  As such he has experienced the struggles and indignities that a disability can bring to daily life and has also learned how to persevere through the “proverbial” thick and thin of life and feels that he is better off for the experience.  Mark earned 2 masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and both Mark and Katie are former full-time staff members of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ).  Mark works in marketing as well as being a Christian professor (online faculty) at the largest Christian University in the world.

About Katie

Katie grew up in Texas and is by training both an RN and a Master’s level Speech-Language Pathologist. She has worked) most of her career (and continues to do so) with developmental disabilities of various kinds, including autism.  Mark and Katie’s oldest son is high functioning autistic.   Katie earned a B.S. in speech pathology, and a B.S. in Nursing at Baylor University and her M.S. In Speech-Language Pathology from California State University-Northridge.

About: The Heart of this Book Series

From the authors: “We understand the heartache, confusion and difficulty that disability brings into the lives of all involved; the individual, the parents or spouse, family and siblings.  It’s not an easy thing to deal with the uncertainty of your child’s education, the daily hassles with ramps, wheelchairs, various devices, and so much more. Each situation is different but they all are difficult.  But there is also much blessing that can be found, even in the hardest of circumstances. Our hope and desire as we wrote this first book is that Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew will encourage the heart and bring a sense of wonder and delight to all who read them.”

Windswept-Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew   Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!


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