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EnvoyBooks Announces A New Bedtime Children’s Adventure Book – Combining a Mysterious Teacher, Disabled Kids, Super Heroes and Lessons on Persistence and Equality

New Bedtime storyThis children’s super heroes book develops a strong message on living an effective life in spite of being disabled. Authors aim to help disabled children concentrate on what they can do, not on what they can’t do.

Bakersfield, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2014

Two authors, one disabled from a broken neck during a college wrestling match and the other a speech-language pathologist, bring their experience together to author an entertaining children’s adventure book now available at EnvoyBooks proudly announces the illustrated Kindle eBook publication of “Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew! The Mysterious Teacher and Her Class of Unlikely Super Heroes.”

Authors Mark and Katie Whyte wrote this super heroes book for kids as the story of a class of disabled children and an unusual teacher

Authors: Mark and Katie Whyte

Authors: Mark and Katie Whyte

who helps them develop skills they never thought possible. This book focuses on helping the kids to think about and develop what they “can-do” rather than on what they can-not do. This fanciful and adventurous children’s book has life lessons on courage under pressure, overcoming bullying, and becoming a genuine super hero! This book is aimed at ages 8-12 but has a fun and encouraging message for a much wider age range.

Currently available in Kindle format, amazon other mobi and hard cover formats to follow.

Co-author, Mark Whyte states, “I broke my neck wrestling in college at cervical 6-7, when I was just 20 years old. As such, I understand the daily difficulties,hassles and disappointments that come with being disabled. But I’ve tried to never let that stop me from living life to the fullest. That is the message that Katie and I have conveyed in this book. Your various disabilities may be a huge inconvenience, but they do not have to stop you from living powerfully every day.”

Adding an extra bit of authenticity to their writing, the Whyte’s oldest son is autistic and Katie works daily with special needs children as a speech-language pathologist. Authors bio:

Miss Quince ask the Can-Do crew, what CAN you do?In what the Whyte’s intend to be a series, this first installment follows Marcus and his new Can-Do Crew friends as he begins a whole new way of living after a life-changing injury. His real adventure starts when he enters the classroom behind the yellow door and meets a mysterious, perhaps magical teacher. Her class is made up of a variety of special-needs students with a “can-do” spirit that equates to some very cool and unique skills. Soon enough, Marcus finds that being disabled is simply not the handicap that most think it is – in fact, he’s never had so much fun before.The Crew: Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!

“Miss Quince and the can-Do Crew” is published by EnvoyBooks, the Whyte’s own indie publishing house , Mark states, “Katie and I are grateful for the simpler publishing options available in this day and age that allows us to take an idea and put it into print in a quick and nearly hassle free manner. Our intention is to help others like us to publish their own books. For this book, our hope is that it will encourage kids and parents alike and that all will dream big dreams and work to live them out.”

One reviewer stated: “As a pediatrician, retired after 42 years of practice, I highly recommend this little book. It is very well written and illustrated. The authors speak from years of experience in dealing with special needs children. Their positive attitude shows through on every page. We need to see more such books. How about a “Miss Quince” series?” William R. Fackler, M.D.

Interested readers can find this book along with its no-cost companion audio book (download) at , or contact the authors at

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Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew – Available at Amazon

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