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Miss Quince ask the Can-Do crew, what CAN you do?The new book “Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!” from EnvoyPress is a bed time story with a bit of a twist.  Don’t we all like it when we are reading a long and instead of the stereotypical “Jack and Jill Ran up the hill”  type story which may have served it’s purpose in its day but now is pretty mundane – we get a good old fashioned twist?  Well, I like them anyway and frankly, your kids will too.  In fact, you are training them to become real readers, not just “plodders”.  What’s the difference?  Well, a plodder is one who reads and is bored, they have never read exciting books, so they expect them to be all the same – boring.  They read because they are supposed to rather than because it’s great stuff.  Whereas a “real” reader expects the author to tell them a great story, weave a great yarn so to speak.  And THAT is what we’re talking about today.  Yes, we believe that “Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!” fits that category, but many other stories do as well.

Top Five Bedtime Books with a Surprising Jewish Twist | Raising Kvell
Aug 13, 2012 … Top Five Bedtime Books with a Surprising Jewish Twist …. Do you read lots of books to your kids before bed? Are you always looking for new titles to add to the collection? And are you interested in instilling some Jewish religious values in your kids? If so, consider adding one (or all) of these five books to your bedtime routine. Each one teaches the tykes a Jewish value* (even if its not immediately apparent). Lilah Tov! * These values can all be traced back to the Torah or Jewish scripture. That said, these are human values, too, and each of these books can be understood that way, as well. room on the broom
1. Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

You can click on the link and see more stories along that line and be sure to take a good look at “Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!”

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phildonlay Miss Quince   Can Do CrewWhat one reviewer wrote:

“This is a delightful book, a must read for families touched by disability–and perhaps more importantly, for families that aren’t.” 

–Philip Donlay, author of the Donovan Nash series of thrillers.

Scene-0In the beautiful bay-side town of Windswept, comes a teaching-dynamo named Miss Quince.   She brings with her an amazing and delightful ability – that is the ability to completely transform the lives of her special-needs students.  You see, in any given city at every given moment you will find groups of young students who…are a bit different, shall we say?  These student’s bring very different gifts and abilities “TO THE TABLE”.  They appear to be “disabled” with autism, or downs syndrome, cerebral palsy or spinal injuries or the like, but are they?  You see, the students in Windswept are about to receive a whole new understanding of just how reallyGREAT, being different can be.

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