Disabled Superhero kids! – Children’s Bedtime Reading

Imagine your autistic, blind, CP, or Downs’s Syndrome child – as a super hero!!

Throw in a newly disabled paraplegic and a magical teacher, and you get Miss Quince and the Can-do Crew!

The Crew: Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew!

From the children’s adventure book…

“What kind of disabilities?” Nate interjected.

“Oh, some had physical disabilities, like a boy named Joey who was blind. Others had more developmental disabilities, like Tim who was autistic. Carrie was a pretty blonde girl with Downs Syndrome. Some, like Marcus and Joey were able to do regular school work at their age level. Others needed simpler kinds of school work. There was even one boy, Ray, who could not speak except by using a machine he controlled with his eyes. But like I said, they loved being in that class.”

“But…” Nate started in again.

“Hey, are you going to let me finish this story before dawn?

“Sorry.” Nate grinned. “Go on.”


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