“Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew” – – Why write about special needs kids?


How writing about special needs kids can make a difference for the whole family! Part 1

We asked the authors, Mark and Katie Whyte,  of the new series, Miss Quince and the Can-Do Crew, why they decided to write a book about special needs, kids.  In this case, special needs kids that develop super hero abilities.  

bookcover-envoyIf you have read our bio/about the Miss Quince authors page,  then you already understand a bit about our background.  That I (Mark) broke my neck at age 20, at cervical 6-7, lived successfully on crutches for 33 years until 2010 when my back officially gave out on me Lumbar 2-S1 which has put me in a manual wheelchair.  Katie and I married when I was almost 29 and our oldest Tim was born about 2 1/4 years later.  He was a very easy child, started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks or 6, I can’t recall and it wasn’t until Katie and I moved to Yugoslavia for ministry purposes that it became more clear that something was “up” with him.  Katie’s dad was a top flight pediatrician in Dallas and Katie was both an RN and speech-language pathologist and she was growing increasingly uneasy at his development.  Long story short, we returned to Dallas and Tim was diagnosed with autism.  He’s now 26, and it was during his mid school years that he was labelled as high functioning autistic.  Lots of anxieties, some OCD, and the inability to function well in most social situations.  He did OK in school but STILL struggled consistently, unlike the academic strength that most Asperger’s (basically, the “other side” of the bell curve, in my layman’s terms) kids have.

Having said all of that, my sweet and wonderful wife Katie has been living in the world of disability all of her adult life; with ME (by choice) and Tim by birth.  We also have a daughter of Katie’s cousin that has downs syndrome as well as a great niece and nephew that have special needs as well.  It’s simply the way that things are, so the question that all of us must answer is this: “What are we going to do with this situation?”  In katie’s and my case, how will we handle it, and can we make the best of things for both for us, our other 2 kids and Tim (and me) as well? …to be continued

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